Irvine SPA opened in the city of Irvine on February 22, 2012 as Southern California's top leading Korean sauna and spa, featuring its Jjim-Jil Bang theme. The entrepreneurs behind Southern California's first ever Jjim-Jil Bang spa, Beach Spa (since 2005), came together to create Irvine SPA with a health-conscious, "well-being" concept. With the goal of mastering the ideal relaxing space where families and friends can come together to de-stress and rejuvenate, every detail was thoroughly considered to utilize quality, natural materials from the bottom up.

Irvine SPA offers to its guests five different specialized rooms that each target specific health concerns -- the Fire Room, Red Clay Room, Salt Room, Forest Room,
and Ice Room -- and "Four Seasons" themed rooms that can be reserved for
meetings. Specifically in the services area, our top tier acupressure and massage
technicians are available for a complete sauna and spa experience.
Other amenities include a Play Room for children, a cafeteria featuring outstanding
Korean cuisine, and a cafe popular for its various drinks and "Bing-Soo" desserts.

Guests can expect an uncompromising level of efficacy and quality in all that Irvine SPA has to offer as an exciting cultural experience. Irvine SPA will always strive to be a forerunner in providing a clean environment and excellent customer service so
that each guest will not hesitate to come back.

Thank you and welcome to Irvine SPA!